Math Multi-Touch Series: iShortcut Geometry

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iShortcut Geometry
Vol. 1: Lines & Angles

iShortcut Geometry Vol. 1 Lines & Angles - Krishan Jhunjhnuwala
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Geometry Made Easy

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SAT Geometry


About the Founder: Krishan Jhunjhnuwala

Krishan Jhunjhnuwala is a World FIDE Chess Master and US Senior Master.

He was four times national champion of Hong Kong and was the youngest chess champion of Hong Kong when he won the title.

He was also Co-Asian Junior Champion and has represented Hong Kong many times in the chess olympiad and international events.

In addition to his chess achievements, Krishan has a Masters in Mathematics from Rutgers University.
He also received a MBA from New York University and BA in Economics from the University of Southern California.

Krishan created Multi-Touch Chess Kid with the goal of making chess easy to learn and play.

He believes that chess is best learnt when built upon a strong understanding of core concepts. He hopes that these interactive books will facilitate the learning of more advanced materials.

He also created the iShortcut Geometry series to make mathematics fun and interesting to learn.