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Chess Kid Watch To Play

Chess Kid Watch to Play - Krishan Jhunjhnuwala
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Chess Kid Learn To Play

Chess Kid Learn to Play - Krishan Jhunjhnuwala
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100 One Move Checkmates

Chess Kid 100 One Move Checkmates - Krishan Jhunjhnuwala
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Chess Kid Rules Of Play

Chess Kid Rules of Play - Krishan Jhunjhnuwala

Multitouch Chess

Learn to play chess interactively and win the fun way for absolute beginners. Written by a World FIDE Chess Master, it combines the best of multi-touch technology of the brand new iBooks® from Apple®, with expert chess knowledge to create a unique chess learning experience.

Don’t struggle reading lengthy explanations. Learn fundamental concepts in chess by engaging with hands-on interactives. These interactives aptly named, “Show Me”, “You Try”, and “Let’s Play” allow you to learn, practice, and play against the computer. After using this system, you’ll have a strong understanding of essential chess concepts.

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You will learn by watching and doing. The "Show Me", “You Try”, and “Let’s Play” interactives will be the learning laboratories.

Playing chess allows kids to develop creative thinking. The rules of chess are pretty easy to learn.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an interactive is worth a thousand pictures. Don’t waste time trying to visualize chess concepts in your head. Simply engage with this system and master the basics of chess.

The following Multi-Touch Chess Kid books are currently available:

Chess Kid Rules Of Play.
Chess Kid Watch To Play.
Chess Kid Learn To Play.
Chess Kid 100 One Move Checkmates.

Chess Kid Rules Of Play introduces chess and explains the rules of chess in an intuitive and fun way.

Chess Kid Watch To Play teaches how to play chess and is suitable for younger audiences. Children as young as three can learn to play chess with adult supervision.

Multi-Touch Chess Kid Learn To Play has more advanced materials.

Since chess is 99% tactics, Chess Kid 100 One Move Checkmates has 100 instructive and challenging checkmates for beginners to improve their tactical skills.

More books in the Multi-Touch Chess Kid series are planned.

Good luck on learning chess. Who knows you or your kid could be the next world chess champion!

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Now it's your turn. Click on the image below to see how the 'Show Me' Interactive works! (Remember to press the -> button to start the interactive)
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Next try the 'You Try' Interactive. The goal is to capture the pawn with the knight. Good luck!
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Now it's time for the 'Let's Play' interactive. You are play white.
Try to capture the black rook.
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